Blue Orange Games Bag of Chips Board Game – Family or Adult Party Strategy Board Game for 2 to 5 Players. Recommended for Ages 8 & Up.

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At the start of a round, each player is dealt six objective cards and the 25 chips — in five colors, ranging from 7 yellow potato chips to 3 orange chicken chips — are placed in the bag. Someone draws five chips from the bag and places them on the table, then everyone discards two of their objective cards. The player draws four more chips, then everyone discards another objective card. The player draws three more chips, after which everyone places two of their cards on the positive scoring side of their playing area and the final card on the negative scoring side. The player then draws two more chips, one by one, both for increased drama and for some of the objective cards. If a played objective card has not been completed, discard it. Add the points from your completed positive objective cards (if any), then subtract points from your negative objective card (if any). The player with the highest score wins two reward tokens, and the player with the second highest score wins one reward tokens. Complete rounds until someone has four or more reward tokens and wins. (In a two-player game, only the player with the higher score receives a reward token, and whoever first collects three tokens wins.)
PARTY TABLETOP GAME: Bag of Chips is a quick to play and easy to learn game where you gamble on which chips are coming out of the bag. Each round lasts only a few minutes. You can quickly become addicted to this push-your-luck game! This betting / gambling game is made of high-quality cards and tokens and comes in a very durable foiled bag that serves as packaging and chips drawing bag.
FAMILY OR ADULT STRATEGY GAME: This 2 to 5 player game can be enjoyed by parents playing with their children as well as adults, also plays very well as a 2 players game. Best recommended for ages 8 & Up.
HOW TO PLAY: Bag of Chips uses Hand Management and Push your Luck mechanisms. Bet on which chips will come next by discarding a card or keeping it if you believe the condition will be met by the end of the round, then draw chips from the bag! After 4 rounds count points based on the 2 cards you bet would win, and the one card you hoped wouldn’t win!
FUN FACTS: Draw the chips from the bag like you would grab a handful of your favorite snack! This game creates a strong connection between playing a game with chips and eating flavored chips, with an added poker feel
INCLUDES: 36 Cards, 25 Chips Tokens, 16 Victory Tokens, 4 Board Cards and easy to read illustrated rules.

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