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But It’s Not My Fault! (Responsible Me!)

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But It’s Not My Fault is a cheery, quirky, color illustrated story about Noodle, a boy who gets into trouble but has so many excuses he can’t take responsibility for his own behavior. Written in peppy verse and powered by active pictures of children of different racial backgrounds in everyday situations, But It’s Not My Fault deals with the blame game especially as played by kids. There are many moments of humor, some times of thinking, and lots of careful reflecting in the pages of "But It’s Not My Fault." Parents and teachers will appreciate the nine points listed on the last page, Tips for Parents and Educators. But It’s Not My Fault is all about turning the blame game into the responsibility challenge for kids. –Children’s Bookwatch, July 2015, Midwest Book Review

…the author presents facts and answers to acknowledging something that may have been said or done that has done damage to someone physically or emotionally…This practical handbook is full of suggestions and ideas that make a lot of sense in developing a proper family and school atmosphere. –M.G. Paregian, Publisher

Most of Julia Cook’s books state they are for 4-10 year old children. As the grandparent of a young teen with Asperger’s, I’m here to say her books are usually the only way we can help him to understand whatever the current or new problem might be. We can talk about what he needs to say or do, but it seldom connects, as he will tune out and shut down during a parental lecture. These books have been a godsend. Speaking out of turn and/or interrupting… yep, there’s one for that.Tattling, teasing, personal space, choices, responsibility, meltdowns, anxiety, worry, frustration, grief, attitude adjustment – one for each of those too. She has written so many wonderful, easy to read and comprehend, short books on social skills – the one trait so many Aspies share – I think we have purchased them all. Maybe she’ll write a few books to help older teens and younger adults refine their social skills … I’d buy them! –Vicki Cobb

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