Hydroponics Growing System 6Pods Plant Germination Kit for Home Kitchen Indoor Herb Garden with an Adjustable (5.9-12 inches) LED Grow Light Pole Special Circulating Water Pump Hydroponic Growing Kits

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Price: $61.99
(as of Aug 09,2022 23:34:01 UTC – Details)

Hydroponic Gardening Systems- Harvest All Year Long
Hydroponics means to grow without soil, providing the valuable nutrients that would normally be present in the soil by using water instead. Mineral nutrient solutions in water are delivered to the plants’ roots either directly or via an inert medium or substrate. Features:
The only difference is that ours actually pumps the water through the top and onto the grow sponges and is very quiet, sounds like water droplets relaxing like a spa, and other off brands just pump it (moves it) without sending it through the top. There is a light in a hydroponic gardening system that will flash if the water level gets too low, it would help to avoid having the low-water level notification beep in the middle of the night. Water Tank Capacity: 2.7-3L, Compared with 12-pots(3.5-4L) can stagger plants more to reduce root congestion. Average germination is more than 90% average.
Compared with 12-slots, 10-slots, and 9-slots,6-slots can stagger plants more to reduce root congestion
The water tank is detachable so this makes cleaning easier for you
This hydroponics system works great with Amazon Top 1 pods
Automatic Timing: 16 hrs on / 8 hrs off
Water pump: 5 min’s on / 25 min’s off
Package Included:
1x Indoor Growing System
1x A+1x B Nutrient Solution
6x Grow Dome
6x Plant Pods Kit
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual

🥬The 20-watt LED light for your indoor hydroponic system growing kit helps germinate and simulates the spectrum of sunlight to promote growth, and allows you to accurately control the amount and duration of light your plants receive, thereby boosting plant photosynthesis in your home.
🍅This indoor garden has a special circulating pump that automatically disperses water every 25 minutes. Each pod has a small spout that can be watered individually, as opposed to other brands that just have a pump to move the water around.
🥒This is a very good height adjustable hydro garden with expandable light poles that can be adjusted for vegetables at different stages of growth to help them absorb energy from the LED lights and promote growth, resulting in plants up to 12 inches tall.
🍓For most hydroponic garden systems, refilling or understanding water levels is a challenge once there is plant growth. The problem is solved here, because if the water level gets too low, the lights of the hydroponic growth system blink, helping to avoid low water levels and starving the plants. (No nasty alerts).
🥦Be able to grow herbs, dill, chives, peppers, lettuce, coriander, cherry tomato, spinach, parsley, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and basically anything that can be grown indoors. (Doesn’t come with seeds)

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