Judge Your Friends, The Hilarious Party Game of Hidden Secrets and Scenarios, Perfect for Party Game Night with Friends Ages 18 and Up, for 2 or More Players from University Games

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Find out what secrets your friends have been hiding in Judge Your Friends! Learn things about your friends you wish you hadn’t this outrageous, fast-paced party game. Each round, players take on the role of Judge and Defendant. One player is the Judge and reads a scenario card aloud to the group. The other players, or Defendants, enter their plea of whether they are guilty or not guilty of that scenario (The Defendant has taken a nap at work – you know you’re guilty!). Then, one by one, the Judge gives their ruling while banging that golden gavel – yes, it’s a golden gavel! For every correct ruling, the Judge earns 100 in cold hard cash. Play continues for multiple rounds with players pleading guilty or not guilty, other players calling friends out for lying about their pleas, and Judges raking in the dough. At the end of the game, the player with the most cash is the winner! The Ultimate Party Game for Groups of Friends. Play Judge Your Friends the game where it’s OK to be a little judgy about your friends. Be the player with the most points at the end of the game to win. The fast-paced exciting party game that has everyone laughing out loud and over sharing way too much personal information. You’ll be on the edge of your seat listening to the scenarios and trying to guess who is guilty or not. Think you know your friends? Think again! Judge Your Friends is great for playing in person or on your next zoom game night with easy to learn game instructions and flexible content. A fast-paced hilarious party game for 2 – 8 Party Games players ages 18 and up. Includes 1 Golden Gavel, 2 Coasters, 8 Guilty Cards, 8 Not Guilty Cards, 400 Scenarios, 190K in Play Money, and Instructions. For more fun with friends and less time trying to figure out the best response or caption like games such as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme, leaving more time to enjoy the experience of playing the game!
Group Fun: Best for party games and Party Games who enjoy card games with a fun twist. Enjoy Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme? Wait until you play this. Designed for ages 18 and up.
Bang the Gavel: Judge Your Friends is a party game for Party Games that allows players to reveal hilarious or embarrassing stories they’ve tried to bury in the back of their minds, while also giving the players the power to play Judge, golden gavel included.
How to Play: Each player takes turns acting as judge and jury. The judge deems their friends as either Guilty or Not Guilty of funny scenarios from times gone by. The verdict is rendered with a bang of the gavel, and if correct, the judge pulls in those dolla dolla bills y’all! At the end of five rounds, the player with the most cash WINS!
Why You’ll Love It: Judge Your Friends will have you and your friends wishing you hadn’t learned what you just did about that one quiet friend of yours – you won’t believe the stories you’ll have after playing this game and deciding whether your friends are guilty or not!
What’s Included: Judge Your Friends Party Game comes packed with 1 Golden Gavel, 2 Coasters, 8 Guilty Cards, 8 Not Guilty Cards, 400 Scenarios, Play Money and Instructions to get game night started in five minutes or less.

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