Kinon Double A Rechargeable Batteries 1.2V NiCD AA 1000mAh (12 Pieces) for Outdoor Solar Garden Lights Landscape Pathway Lights Porch and Patio Lights

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Price: $12.99
(as of Sep 01,2023 07:18:03 UTC – Details)

Main Features of Kinon Rechargeable AA Batteries:
– High Capacity and Long Running Time.
– Save Money and Better for Environment.
– Excellent Overcharge Performance.
– Built-in Safety Features Against Misuse.
– Low Internal Resistance.
– Rechargeable. Support repeated use. Delivers up to 1000 charge / discharge cycles.
– High Reliability. Kinon Rechargeable Batteries are manufactured with the best available
material using state of the art technology, allowing them to perform with outstanding reliability.

Kinon Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (NiCd, NiCad) AA Batteries are replace all solar brands of NiCd 1.2V AA 1000mAh or less capacity solar light batteries.
AA NiCd batteries are available in different mAh ratings. mAh is the abbreviation for milliampere hour. It’s what describes the capacity of the battery.
The capacity can be understood by thinking of capacity as the run time the battery will give you on 1 Full Charge Cycle.

Friendly Tips:
– For optimum charging performances the solar panel needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.
Dust and other accumulated residues can dramatically affect the charging process.
They form a layer on the solar panel and block the sunlight.

– If you need to store your garden solar lights for a long period of time, during winter for example,
it is better to take out the batteries. By doing so, the solar light batteries will have a longer life span.

– Another important thing, don’t forget to pay particular attention to the location of the solar lights.
Batteries will not charge properly if the solar panel is in the shade.

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