Poetic Injustice – A Word Game Where You Make Bad Poetry for Laughs – Funny Magnetic Notes Game and Fun Party Game for Ages 17+ – Family Game Night Magnet Word Games

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Price: $20.99
(as of Sep 22,2022 00:08:27 UTC – Details)

Note to avoid confusion: All of the ridiculous prompts that will be used for this game are accessible online ONLY. There are no physical prompts included with the game, but they are easily accessed and downloaded from our site.

Poetic Injustice was built by a small team that enjoys creating fun moments for others. We made Poetic Injustice to bring people together, create opportunities for laughs and self-expression, and encourage playfulness. Mostly, it’s just plain fun.

We came across the idea for Poetic Injustice through our history in the poetry magnet business. We are the creators of Poetry Tiles, magnetic words that are used for making fridge poems and silliness. Our themed Poetry Tiles kits like Sassy words, Emotion words, or Fightin’ words can add some extra flavor to your Poetic Injustice game!

Here’s a quick run-down of how to play Poetic Injustice
1. Draw a word bank of random magnetic word tiles.
2. Choose the prompt that everyone will create a poem in response to.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The prompts are only accessible online or by downloading them from our website.
3. Everyone creates a poem in mad rush of humor, creativity, and wordplay.
4. Everyone shares their horrible, funny poetry, votes on the best poem, and replenishes their word banks.
5. Repeat for 10 rounds, and the person who received the most votes wins!

1200+ magnetic words (they’re small! Less than .5” tall by a variable length)
500+ funny, quirky prompts accessible online only
6 hefty, small metal boards 60 cardboard voting tokens

Recommended for 3-6 players, Ages 17+. Can also easily be family friendly if the adult prompts are excluded online so you can play with your favorite goofball poets of any age.

We hope you have a great time with your friends and family making goofy poetry that shows off your exquisite sense of humor!
-The Poetic Injustice Team

P.S. There’s a print error on the box of the first edition of this game. We’re a small team and we’ve put a lot of effort into this game, but we missed something just as we sent the boxes to printing. The QR code that leads to our site is the wrong QR code. Ugh! We’re really embarrassed by this dumb mistake and apologize for the inconvenience! Please type in the web address of our site instead of using the QR code, and you’ll be good to go! We’re sorry for our mistake! We’ve taken notes and will do better in the future!
How to Play – gather your silliest friends and family, draw random magnetic word tiles, create awful poems in response to a prompt (ONLY accessible online), vote on your favorite poems, and the person with the most votes after 10 poems is the winner!
Endlessly Replayable – contains over 1200 magnetic words and 500+ prompts so you can play again and again always finding new words and ways to be irreverent, grammatically incoherent, and clever. You can get high variety and tons of opportunities for silliness without paying a king’s ransom.
For 3-6 players Age 17+. Comes with 6 metal boards and 60 voting tokens. Easily make Poetic Injustice a family friendly game by removing the sheet of inappropriate word tiles and selecting the option online for no Adult prompts.
Online Prompts – This product DOES NOT contain any paper cards with prompts on them. All of the game prompts are online and easily found by following the game instructions. Online prompts mean less paper waste, an option to avoid repeated prompts, more prompts, updated/new prompts, and the ability to download the prompts to play offline.
Tons of Fun – Exercising your wit and wordsmithing skills with a limited word bank in response to ridiculous prompts leads to some beautiful abominations of poetry. Making and sharing poems so bad they’re good never felt better.

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